Here you will be able to download Notes Mail Query for various operating systems.

Currently downloads for Windows operating system is available. This will be soon followed by packages for linux and Mac OS. So stay tuned…

windows    Download beta version v2.0

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  1. selvakumar moopanar Reply

    how to config this application

    • dazzlers Reply

      Selva, please see Documentation -> Initial Setup for step by step configuration steps

  2. dazzlers Reply

    Selva, please see Documentation -> Initial Setup for step by step configuration steps

  3. Sherry Reply

    Unable to index nsf files on my IBM issued 64 bit Win 7 TP. Is this compatible?

    • dazzlers Reply

      Sherry, Do you have the 32 bit Java installed? Or the standard IBM 64 bit JVM? Also can you post the error message you are getting?

  4. Jens Helbig Reply


    it seems this application is for Windows OS, but the installation doc shows MAC OS screenshots. Is there are also a Windows installation documention available ?

    rgs Jens

    • dazzlers Reply

      Hi Jens, Yes this is built for windows actually. You can find that the screens are the same in both windows and mac

  5. Vic P Reply

    Where exactly can I find the documentation referenced in a previous request that shows how to configure this app? Thank You

  6. Kevin Collins Reply

    The installation of Notes Mail Query failed. I received an error message which says “Unable to execute file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notes Mail Query\NotesMailQuery.exe CreateProcess failed; code 740. The requested process requires elevation.

    • dazzlers Reply

      Kevin, Please run the software as an administrator since your notes is Installed in c:\program files\

  7. Wilson Reply

    I’m not able to get pass the “Set up mail query” window. I couldn’t find instructions on how to configure. BTW, does this tool work like Omni Search?

  8. Chris Reply

    Looks like this can be a very useful tool. However I have the same problem as Sherry. Win 7 64 bit with IBM 32 bit java v6. Indexing hangs. Progress bar does not move. ‘Cancel process’ button displays a pop-up to confirm, but on hitting OK it goes back to ‘Indexing in progress’.

  9. Taly Reply


    I think I’m having the same problem as Sherry. It doesn’t throw an error message, it just doesn’t index (the progress bar for indexing doesn’t even start to fill).
    I’m also on a Win 7 TP. And I do have a Java 32 bit installed.

    I appreciate any assistance in getting this to work.


    • dazzlers Reply

      Hi Taly, Can you send me your log files or error screen shot?

  10. Roger Reply

    How do I install this tool?

    I’ve been trying but it doesn´t work.

    • dazzlers Reply

      Roger, let me know what help you need?

  11. Alexander Illek Reply

    Any news on Linux version availability?

    • dazzlers Reply

      Hi Alex, I am working on that right now…

  12. Dario de Judicibus Reply

    Does not work at all. Re-Indexing never re-index archives.

    • dazzlers Reply

      I am sorry to hear that. Can you tell me what is the problem? Please check your environment variable (path variable), if its like, “nullc:\notes”, then its the culprit. Please remove the null and log off and log on, and it should work fine.


  13. Kiran Reply

    It just hangs even after following the instructions. If this tool can search archives, then its really a worthy installation, but it doesnt work. Has this worked for anyone? For me it hangs when I start re-indexing — no progress bar. I have to use task manager to kill it, cancel also doesnt work.

    • dazzlers Reply


      There must be a problem with how the tool has configured the path variables on your machine. Please check in environment variables (your path variable), if there is a “null” appended before the path to lotus notes. It should not be like nullc:\\notes, it should be c:\\notes instead.

      Do let me know and I can help further. Thanks!

  14. Kiran Reply

    Very useful. Thanks its working perfectly fine once updating the Environment Variables

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