Notes Mail Query – An Insight

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We are working on the below features/fixes right now,

  • A quick view inside notes mail query, instead of opening lotus notes directly.
  • Open in Notes option
  • Fixing the log file location
  • Adding more information like archive name, mail size, and mail date in the search results
  • Adding more control to search, for example: in Subjects, Body, From, To etc…

Many a time, we would remember a couple of words in our email archives but not the subjects.. and we would fumble around with multiple archives each taking so much time to open and then sift through the subjects…

Notes Mail Query is written in java and can run in Mac, Linux and Windows helping you to index your email archives and help you find data from all the text fields in the emails.

Double clicking on the results opens the mail in our native email client (Notes). Its is a basic requirement that we have notes installed before using this application.

Feel free to explore the web site for more news and how-to’s. I would love to hear about new features requested and bugs. I ll get right down to fix them 🙂


6 Responses to Notes Mail Query – An Insight
  1. Geevanandam Reply

    Excellent tool. Keep going 🙂 🙂 Now things are much easier with archives..

  2. Tom Fleischman Reply

    I cant find the Notes.jar…….so cannot configure…..

    • dazzlers Reply

      Hey Tom, What OS are you using?

  3. Kaveh Reply

    I agree. This is a super cool utility … and fast.
    May I make a suggestion for some improvement:
    – The “How to” help function doesn’t work. Nothing happens when that option is selected. Neither does it work when pressing F1.
    – Add sorting to the column headings
    – Add a date column to see when a particular item was created with the ability to sort by creation date.

    • dazzlers Reply

      Thanks Kaveh.. I am working on the above said features and will let you know any updates.

  4. Kaveh Reply

    This seems to have stopped working since I upgraded to Notes 9. Is that possible. When I launch the query and try to index a mail file, it starts but never finishes, no matter what the mail file size is.

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